Monday, June 24, 2013

The Beards Ad

  Remember that fictional album I made called "The Beards" about why Bjorn grew in a beard and what B&B were doing at the end of 1982 besides working on Chess?  Well, under the request of a really good friend, I created this silly little Ad.  :)  I think I might upload it to YouTube as well... :P

  Oh yeah, sorry if the part with "He Is Your Brother" doesn't really have Bjorn and Benny's vocals too well.  I just didn't want to show the part with Agnetha's YOU-KNOW-WHAT.  You know I'm against all that stuff.  Also sorry if when the narrator says "Two For The Price Of One" and "Love Isn't Easy" too loud.  I was having a bit of trouble recording the audio from sitepal.  Oh yeah, the album is not actually for sale.  It's ALL FAKE!!!  I hope you weren't getting you're hopes up, because I hate letting you down.

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