Sunday, June 30, 2013

Crayons ready, very well, begin to color... me...

  No, no, no!  Do not even dare color me or my new drawings!  :P   I spent this week and last week coloring all of them and trying to find my favorite color pencils in this new box I put my pencils in.  This batch contains the usual, as well as three Doctor Who pictures I did for a friend.  I did my best to appease the Frida fans out there by drawing some Frida pics as well.  ;) Anyway, here they are:
The Doctor

The Doctor

This picture is a smaller version of the big one I have on my wall that I drew a long time ago back in May.  (Run on sentence.)

Agnetha in 1977.  I really like the way this one came out.  ;)

Agnetha in 1980.  I don't like the way the scanner made the bottom of the picture look as if I didn't color it in at all. :P

Agnetha in 1974 at the Melodifestivalen.

Agnetha in 1975

Agnetha looks a bit.... bored.

Agnetha and Frida in 1980. Boy was this hard to color!

You're probably wondering, "Hey, hasn't ABBAFan456 uploaded this picture before?"  Well, as it turns out, when I uploaded this before, I had forgotten to color in Agnetha's eyelashes as well as hers and Bjorn's pupils. :P

Frida during ABBA's small 1980 tour in Japan.  This has to be one of my favorite drawings!  I love the way Frida's makeup and freckle (Yes, Frida has freckles) came out.  :)

Frida in 1974.  Waterloo – jag är besegrad, nu ger jag mig, Waterloo – lova mej nöjet att älska dig.  Waterloo – allting känns rätt, och det är min tro, Waterloo – du är mitt öde, mitt Waterloo.  Wa wa wa wa Waterloo – du är mitt öde, mitt Waterloo...

My first black and white Frida picture.  Came out pretty good, if you ask me.  :)

And finally, Rose Tyler from none other than... Doctor Who. :)

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