Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dream world, you've been living in a dream world...

  Actually, no,I haven't been living in a dream world, but I did have the craziest dream this morning!

  It was about ABBA the Museum.  My family and I were at the museum and Bjorn was giving a
presentation there.  For some really weird reason, he called me up under the name "Hasta Manana Girl" to help him.  Strangely I was wearing a shirt with "Hasta Manana" on it, so I guess that explains it.  Anyway, I was so excited I ran down to Bjorn, hugged him, and caused the right side of his glasses to fly off and poke his eye. Boy did he become mad.  Right after that event, the lights went out all around the museum and all the exhibits disappeared.  Strange, right?

 I've decided that if and when I go to the museum in real life, I'm going to make sure that Bjorn is not giving a presentation there or else I will freak out.  ;)


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