Monday, April 15, 2013

Went to by me a paper at the local news stand..

...  but then I found all this news from the fanclub!

"ABBA The Museum - Autographed Ticket

We received a very nice ticket signed by all four ABBA members from Mattias Hansson, the CEO of ABBA The Museum. He gave it to us so we can auction it off to make some extra money for our Fan Club. Altogether, there are only 20 tickets like this one (valid on any day from the 7th May onwards), which can be yours. We will also auction off a rare ABBA The Museum T-shirt (specially made for the commercial they have produced). The auctions are starting today on eBay: ticket and t-shirt.

A New Bong by Benny & Björn

Benny, Björn and DJ Avicii are writing a new song for the Eurovision Song Contest. We Write The Story is going to be the theme song for this year's contest in Malmö.

Benny and Ludvig Work Together on Film

Benny and his son, Ludvig, are involved with a new film project called Cirkeln [Circle]. It is based on a book by Mats Strandbergs och Sara Bergmark. Today's Dagens Nyheter includes an article on the project."  -- Official ABBA Fan Club