Monday, April 08, 2013

More ABBA Doll Pictures

  Hello everyone!  I was finally able to take pictures of my newest doll costumes!  I decided to make ABBA's 1977 Tour costumes.  :)

My dolls wearing those big cape-like-thingies from the opening of their concert.

Same picture, just at a different angle.

Benny Anderdoll

I don't know what happened, but Frida Dollstad's hair looks really good.

Agnetha Dollskog just looks so cute on this picture!

Bjorn Uldollus - I need to find a way to get rid of that banana stain on his left cheek!  >:(

ABBA without their capes.

Same picture from a different angle.

I made Agnetha's outfit very lose so that no one would say anything about her behind.  I bet Owe Sandstrom would hate it...

This is my custom-made ABBA T-Shirt.  This is the front,

And this is the back.