Monday, March 04, 2013

Why doesn't anybody have a YouTube Channel about Benny?

  Ever since I created my YouTube account, I've seen a lot of ABBA fan's channels, many channels about one certain ABBA member.  Mainly, people usually have their channels (and usernames) about Frida, like "
ABBA ROCK! ABBArt" by FFridalicious (I forgot everyone else who have Frida channels.)  FFridalicious' channel isn't about Frida, but the username is.  2Shaymcn's channel "Ang-Yeeeeeeah-Ta ! & ABBA" is (obviously) about Agnetha.  Shay does upload ABBA videos, but is obviously an Agnetha fan.  There's "ᗅᗺᗷᗅ! Björn Ulvaeus!" by SadLookinMoon, who posts tons of Bjorn videos.  Obviously, these people like Agnetha, Frida, and Bjorn, and I don't blame them - but what about Benny?  I seem to remember finding a channel for Linda Ulvaeus, but still nothing for Benny.

  I seem to remember reading somewhere that people don't like Benny because of his beard.  I like Benny better with the beard than without it.  I think the beard makes him look great!

  Usually people who have blogs about Frida have pictures with her and Benny, but that's just because people think that they were the perfect couple (which they were).  I still haven't found any blogs about Benny, so I've decided that (hopefully) every Thursday, I'm going to post something Benny related. :)

  I don't really care about the BAO that much (not because I don't like Benny, but because I don't like Tommy Korberg and Helen Sjoholm), but I could put links to BAO videos on YouTube that I've seen before.