Monday, March 11, 2013

More ABBA Drawings :D

  Here are more ABBA drawings that I finally scanned in.  :D Don't worry, I've got more on the way!  ;)

I did something wrong with this picture...  I think its the eyes...  They're probably too big..  :P

I drew this earlier today because I was so happy about the new pictures from Agnetha's website,!

This is a random cartoon I drew earlier this morning. :)

Here's another random drawing.  Notice that Bjorn and the Hello Kitty couch both look the same..  Tee hee...

I really like the way the way this picture came out. :)

Bjorn doesn't look so good, but Agnetha looks so cute!

This one of Agnetha I think looks really good.  The mouth is just a tiny bit too big, but it looks so realistic.  :D

I think this might be my best Frida pic yet.  Notice that there is a little cartoon Agnetha in the top right part of Frida's hair.  I was just doodling.  :)

I got the shading just right on this picture, but something is a bit off with her face.  O.o

This picture I colored in a moving car.  No wonder Frida looks a bit off...  It looks a lot better on paper.  :P

I drew this a while ago but finally colored it in today.  :D

  And now, ABBAFan456 presents....

*Drum roll*


This picture is actually a lot bigger in real life, just I had to put it together using paint...  and that didn't go too well...  This picture will go up on my wall along with my


  ...  which is too big to scan in and upload.  I drew this really big ABBA drawing which is right now on my wall.  When I get a chance to, I'll take a picture and show you what it looks like.  :D

Stay tuned.