Wednesday, December 05, 2012

"Glammy Costumes"

  I said I would upload the pictures soon, didn't I? :D
Pretty, aren't they?


The Sleeves (They took forever to sew!)

Agnetha's cape


I finally figured out how to sew actual sleeves and I learned how to gather.

Frida's tank top.

Frida's cape.


A closeup of Bjorn's shirt.  I drew a little Frida on it.  :)

Bjorn's black jumpsuit.  (No closeup needed.)  ;P


Benny for the first time got a pair of boots of his own.  ;)

Benny's jacket.  I made it with fleece.   
  By the way, all the buttons and button holes on the capes and the jacket above were all sewn by hand.  d:D