Sunday, December 23, 2012

"1978 Black Outfits" Doll Outfits

  I finally got the time to take the pictures off my camera and upload them!  :D

Aren't they pretty?  :D

Agnetha's outfit was fun to make, but impossible to put on!  I made the pants too tight and it took over ten minutes to get them on.  Also, the top of her jumpsuit keeps on falling off!  :-o

Agnetha without her jacket.  I've only seen real Agnetha with her jacket off once, and that was when they were in Japan.  I guess Agnetha didn't like showing everybody that she has only one sleeve.

When I was taking the pictures, Agnetha Dollskog gave herself a new hairstyle.  It's all messy....

Bjorn's outfit looks a lot like the real one!  I feel so proud of myself!  Also, in the first picture, you see that all of my dolls are wearing black boots.  Bjorn didn't need any new boots because, as you know, my doll always wears black boots!  :D

This is really rare because real Bjorn never took off his bolero!  :D

Benny's outfit was very easy!  I figured out how to make buttonholes with the sewing machine, but sewing buttons with the sewing machine I am not a able to do.

Frida's outfit was also simple.  The pants were a little bit tight, but since I had stuffed Frida when I made her with a soft stuffing, her feet were able to get in through the pant legs a lot easier than Agnetha's. 


  This is the video where Agnetha and Frida aren't wearing their jackets so you can see what they look like:

  I'm now working on another set of costumes, so I'll show you a picture of the real outfits: