Sunday, May 19, 2019

Take A Chance On Me

As you all know from my last long post, I've been playing the sims and I made my own ABBA sims.  While I've been playing the Sims 3 for over a year now and have been playing with a lot of custom content and mods, I only recently got into the sims Pose Player by user Cmomoney on ModTheSims and all the amazing poses that people make.  I've been quite amazed by the amount of creativity that goes into making custom sims content, and I was a bit curious as to how to do that on my own.  While I don't yet know how to make custom outfits for the sims (I would love to recreate ABBA's actual costumes in the Sims!), I started dabbling in custom poses and I decided to try as my first project poses from one of my favorite photos:
To create custom poses, I had to follow a long video tutorial and learn how to use Blender, but it was all pretty easy to pick up and this is the end result.
Yes I know Bjorn's hand is a little clipped, lol.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I wasn't really able to figure out how to get Bjorn and Benny's hands in their pockets without it looking all weird, and I realized that the silicone models at ABBA the museum are made with similar poses to these ones but different for that exact reason.  So I used the silicone models as reference as well.
I'd say I did a really good job, and I look forward to playing around and recreating more of ABBA's lovely photoshoots in the Sims!

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