Wednesday, January 17, 2018

My comeback to YouTube

As I mentioned in my "Year In Review" post, I've made quite a comeback to my YouTube channel after letting it sit with no new content for a bit and some occasional drawing videos.  My sudden comeback has been a really good thing for my channel and has caused it to grow quite a bit, which I am honestly so grateful and honored by.  My channel is currently sitting at 485 subscribers!!

When i first created my channel, I had made it all about my Lego animations which definitely gave me a good start and attention in the ABBA fan community.  I pretty much stopped making animations in 2014, my last proper animation being "Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother".   I had lost the inspiration to spend hours in front of my slow computer taking image after image to make those animations, so that ended.  And though I've tried to make new animations several times, I simply don't have that fuel anymore.  My channel started to become a bit inactive after that, but I did continue to upload videos, just not animations, like my Live at Wembley recreation, random drawing videos, more completely random videos, and so forth.

Just 4 weeks ago, I had a random idea after listening to a few ABBA songs with my friend to make a video about all the times ABBA use "Blue" in their songs.  I've had this idea before since I liked to turn ABBA blue in my animations whenever they mentioned the word, but I never did anything about it.  When the idea popped into my head again, I decided to make a completely random compilation video, and got a short 1 minute long video, but with the help of some lovely commenters, I made a second updated video that was 3 minutes long. 

With the success of that video, I was asked to make more videos in this style with common words/themes in ABBA songs and my next video about all the times ABBA say "Aha" in their songs is currently at 760 views!!  Even since, I've been taking requests in the comments and been making more videos like this, my most popular video so far being the one about the Evolution of ABBA songs!

I cannot tell you how much fun I've been having making these videos and all the attention that they have been receiving has been incredible!  It is such a nice feeling knowing that others really enjoy the videos that I put out.  This has definitely been a good thing for me as it's helped me feel like my old ABBA-obsessed self! :D

I'm really excited with the direction that things are going with my channel now and I can't wait to share more of my random compilation videos with you all!

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