Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ted - Show Me Love/För kärlekens skull Movie

In 2018 I believe, there's going to be a movie coming out about Ted Gardestad, the incredibly talented young singer from the 70s.  I've seen the trailer, but as someone who doesn't know Swedish, I wasn't able to understand what everyone was saying, but I think I get the gist of what's going on.  I quite like how it's giving the younger generation a chance to appreciate Ted's amazing music, but I can't help but notice that from the trailer, they seem to be dramatizing Ted's story quite a bit.  I know Ted's story ended quite tragically and that there were a lot of ups and downs, but I get the feeling that they're just exaggerating the story a little.  But that's just me and I could be wrong since I don't know a lot of the context from the trailer because I don't know Swedish. :P

I think they chose a pretty good actor to portray Ted.  The actor, whoever it is who is playing him, does resemble Ted quite a bit, only I can't say he has the right voice.  His voice is definitely a bit deeper than Ted's, which was a very unique and sweet voice.  But besides that, they did a good job on that part.

They also have an actor portraying Stig Anderson, as he's quite prominent in Ted's story.  I'd say they did well in choosing the actor to play him.  The hair isn't entirely accurate, but I'm just being picky because I'm all into everything being perfect.

And yes, ABBA are going to be making some appearances in the movie too.  I'm a bit skeptical about this since when it comes to ABBA, to me it just has to be perfect. xD  In the trailer, we see Bjorn and Benny, but we don't end up seeing Agnetha or Frida anywhere, though there's a chance that these two are Agnetha and Frida, and if so, then something's up.  Hopefully the blonde and brunette pictured here are not the As from ABBA and are just Ted's fans.  (Though it could be Bjorn, Agnetha, and Frida and well, what is up with the heights??? )
Anyway, this is what Bjorn and Benny look like in the movie:

I think they did okay, as in it's not the greatest but it'll do.  Judging by the hair, I'm guessing this is supposed to be during 1976, since they look a bit like the way Bjorn and Benny looked during the ABBA-Dabba-Doo special.

There is one scene where I'm pretty sure Agnetha and Frida are shown here, but only from the back.
And I think I can confirm that it is them because I have this picture of the actress Angelina Hakansson who plays Frida.  From the angle of this picture, she does look a little like Frida, but that's only at this angle.  So I can't say much.
By these two pictures, I am so confused as to what era of ABBA they are trying to portray and what year this takes place.  Frida has the hair that she had in late 1974/early 75,
Also note that Benny in the still from the trailer is also wearing this leopard print jacket that he wore a lot in '75
but the way the clothing that she and Agnetha are wearing resemble the way they dressed in 1976.
I'm hoping that the creators of this movie at least put some thought into the way ABBA's look has change throughout the 70s and 80s because it would be a shame if ABBA just had one look throughout the movie.  Frida's hair changes enough times over the years, she deserves to have multiple look and hairstyles, same for Agnetha.  Also I hope that if ABBA are shown performing at all, that they sound like ABBA, or at least mime to the original tracks.  But this movie isn't about ABBA - it's about Ted Gardestad.   

This movie does sound quite interesting and I hope to be able to watch it with subtitles if they're going to be available when the movie comes out. :)

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