Friday, January 13, 2017

Stikkan Anderson

So I came across a post where someone had some pretty nasty stuff about Stig Anderson, and I thought I'd speak up about that.  I figure I should mention that ABBA wouldn't be ABBA without their manager Stig being there.  Stig was a wonderful man who took great care managing all of ABBA's stuff and everything involved with the music business.  Sure there may have been some arguments since no one ever said the behind the scenes work was easy, but ABBA loved Stig.  Stig contributed so much to the band!  The song "Hasta Manana" wouldn't be the way it is if not for Stig's help.  So if you've got something against Stig, please remember who you're talking about and how important Stig was to ABBA's success.  Thank you very much for reading. :)

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