Sunday, November 20, 2016

Agnetha sang "The Winner Takes It All" at ABBA the Museum 3 years ago

So a few days ago ABBA the Museum wrote on Instagram:
"A few weeks after opening the museum we had a very special visit from someone who sang "The winner takes it all" in this songbooth, guess who?😊🎶"
Many people guessed it was Agnetha, some guessed it was Katy Perry, others guessed Mick Jagger, and a day after, the museum replied in a comment:
"The answer is Agnetha!!😀🙌👏 Agnetha was here together with Lollo Murray and Ingmarie Halling. They had dinner in our nice restaurant Pop House Food&Bar and then walked through the museum and stopped at the songbooth to sing "The winner takes it all." To quote Ingmarie: "It was an epic moment" 🙏👏❤"
and I'm just soooo happy about it! :D  The fact that Agnetha sang that song again makes me extremely happy!  Unfortunately, there isn't any video (I know because I asked and the museum replied to me. *blushes*), but just knowing that this happened is enough for me! :D

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