Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy 5th birthday, Agnetha Dollskog!

Five years already?  I can't believe it!  Happy birthday, my dear Agnetha doll!


  1. happy birthday agnetha!- from Marcos

  2. tell her I also said she is soooo cute as well as the other dolls

  3. what did your ABBA dolls say

  4. They all said thank you, and Frida is very touched! :D

  5. one more question what is the next set of costumes

    1. I'm currently working on the 1979 white costumes as well as the 1977 tour costumes. :) After I finish those which may not be till a while, I think I'll make the 1976 flight suits since they should be very easy to make! ^^

  6. oh the dolls are to cute I agree with roxxane Dickson and I also like to sew and anything ABBA

  7. I guess you're right don't worry.

  8. ABBAfan456 my school is closed!!!!!!!! snow day! snow day!


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