Monday, June 29, 2015

My collection has enlarged!

  Guess who got ABBA the Scrapbook!  Me!!! :D  This book has got to be one of my favorites (I used to get it from the library, but we don't go to that library anymore...), and now I get to own it!!  I'm so happy!!  ^^
The book has a few bends and creases in it, but that's because I got it used. :P

And also, the side of the book is a little broken...

But what I was mainly excited for was the content inside with nice HQ pictures, interesting text, and some rare stuff, too!


  1. I have ABBA the scrapbook and it is nice I've had it since August of 2015

    1. Awesome! :D Isn't it an amazing book? ^^ (BTW, i'm going to be away for a little bit so don't be surprised if I'm not going to be online for a while. :) )


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