Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Another reason as to why I want to rewrite my book

Just now, I was reading through my book, "The Story of ABBA For Young Readers" and realized that there, right on the 6th page staring right at me, was a spelling error. 
"Their band name, ABBA, was an acronym of the member's names."
It should be members' because it is an acronym of four members' names, not just one member's name.... 

Okay, it's a tiny error, but it looks terrible.  I took a course in English grammar and it has turned me a little bit into a grammar critic.  Yeah, I'm not too cautious when writing on my blog, because it is just a blog where I can ramble all I want, but in a book that is now published for everyone to buy!!  Ugh. 

I shouldn't blame myself - I was young then.  I didn't know that much about writing like I do now.  :\

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