Monday, April 13, 2015

I want to make a tribute band

that will perform a select amount of songs from each of ABBA's 8 studio albums.  And they'll wear costumes (and wigs) that go with each album.  For example, the show could start out with "Ring Ring" and they can come out wearing the costumes that ABBA were during the Melodifestavalen of 1973.  They'll have to have wigs to accommodate the girl's hair changes, like before 1974, Agnetha didn't have bangs. Still wearing, those costumes, they could perform songs from the Ring Ring album like "He Is Your Brother", "Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)", "Another Town, Another Train", and "Disillusion".  I'd love to hear "Disillusion" sang on stage.  ;)  Then there'll be a short break and they change into their Waterloo costumes, change Frida's wig of course, and then they sing songs from Waterloo, like "Waterloo" (duh), "Gonna Sing You My Lovesong", "Suzy-Hang-Around", "My Mama Says", and "King Kong Song".  Maybe they'll switch to the white outfits with the green and white capes in the middle (plus a hair change for Frida).  Then they can sing songs from ABBA (still wearing the white outfits) like "Tropical Loveland", "I've Been Waiting For You", "Mamma Mia", "S.O.S", "Intermezzo No.1" and so forth.  Then a costume switch to the cat dresses and a hair change for Frida, and then they can do songs from both ABBA and Arrival.  And in the middle of singing Arrival, they can switch to the kimonos.  And maybe as an extra bonus, they can do the National song.  And then they can switch to the 1977 gold outfits and sing songs from The Album.  They can even do the whole Girl with the Golden Hair thing with the gold wigs and all.  And then a costume switch to the animal outfits, you know, the red and green ones, and they can perform a few songs from Voulez-Vous.  And in the middle, they can switch to the tour costumes, either the blue or the white, and Agnetha can do "I'm Still Alive"!  And then after Voulez-Vous, there'll be a massive hair change for both the girls and they can wear the Super Trouper outfits and perform songs from that album.  And in the end, they can switch to the outfits worn on the Dick Cavett Show and do songs from the Visitors. But there's more - there'll be a costume and wig change and they'll do "The Day Before You Came", "Cassandra", "Under Attack", and a reprise of "Thank You For The Music" for the finale.  That would be a true ABBA experience and I want this tribute band to come alive.  :P

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