Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Just a little something I posted on my tumblr blog

Okay, so I said something before that was a bit hypocritical.  How can I love Billie Piper’s ABBA tribute if I have said numerous times that I hate tribute bands and covers and all.
Let me clarify.  I do not like tribute acts where they get the costumes wrong.  Look at these guys.

Did ABBA ever where costumes like this?  Agnetha and Frida were costumes similar to these ones in 1977 and 1978, but they were gold and white and had flowers.  (I know this by heart because I remade the outfits for my doll.)  Bjorn and Benny didn’t where outfits like those either.

Mind you, Frida’s skirt is way longer than that and Agnetha’s top is not a crop top.

And ABBA never wore outfits like thee.  Ever. 
I understand if they’re trying to give ABBA their own personal touch, but then why call themselves ABBA?
There are some tribute bands that do a great job at their acts like this one, ABBA the Show.

ABBA the Show have perfect costume, and they are connected to ABBA somehow.  They even get some of the old ABBA musicians to play alongside them!  How about that!  They even try to recreate some of ABBA’s dance routines which are quite tricky.  And the woman who plays as Agnetha was actually in the “Thank You For The Music” promo clip.  :)
Another tribute band that I like is the Bjorn Identity.  Their costumes are fabulous (except for one thing that I pointed out on one of my other blog on blogspot), and they were nice to me.  :)  I wrote a review on their act and they loved it.  :P

And now for covers.  Something I don’t like is that they change the songs.  They don’t keep the nice pop 70s sound that ABBA had.  Like I said before, they are trying to give ABBA their own personal touch, but in my opinion, it doesn’t sound right.  If you want to cover ABBA, do it right.  

An example of this is A*Teens.  I know, they were trying to appeal to the people of the generation, but they made the songs sound terrible.
As for Mamma Mia!, they changed the lyrics on a lot of the songs and changed a lot of the meanings to the songs, making some of the songs refer to dirty stuff.  That really shouldn’t bother me, but it does.
When Billie Piper performed an ABBA medley in the 90s, it was a tribute to ABBA, not a tribute act where they were pretending to be ABBA.  They weren’t trying to imitate their costumes at all.  And they were singing almost in the same tempo as the original songs.  Now that is what I like out ABBA tribute acts.
Alcazar do the same thing, they perform ABBA’s songs as a tribute to them, but they aren’t doing a tribute show.  They sing the songs, but they aren’t trying to be ABBA.  (They did have to guy and two girls once, but they were just a Swedish foursome who all liked to sing.)
I hope the clarifies that.

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