Monday, September 15, 2014

Billie Piper Drawing - I LOVE GRAPHITE PENCILS!!!!

  For this school year, I've started an art class and among the needed supplies were soft graphite pencils.  Since I've always wanted to draw with graphite pencils, I took this chance to use them for a picture.  And this is what I got - a beautiful drawing of Billie Piper!  :D
Isn't that amazing??? :D
This is the original, not another drawing.  :P
The pencils I used were 2B, 4B, HB, and H4.  While drawing this, I enjoyed some of Billie's songs from the 2000s and 1990s.  ;)  You know, one of the first ABBA covers I ever heard was done by her as well as a few other bands like Steps.  :P


  1. It seems you like using 8B pencil. I don't like to draw with it. It's too dark and it can mess up your artwork in a flash. Use it for little black details like deep shadows in eyes and hair only. :)

    1. I kinda discovered that the hard way, but it's still a pretty good pencil. :P Thankfully the art class I'm taking has tips on how to use those pencils without messing up the entire picture. :)


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