Sunday, May 04, 2014

May the 4th be with you + My real life Lego ABBA

May the 4th be with you!  Happy Star Wars day!  :D  To honor the fact that today is Star Wars day, here is my collection of LEGO Star Wars minifigs... and my Star Wars journal.  ;)

So, this is my small collection of Star Wars LEGOs minus the rebel troopers whom I forgot to put in the picture.  (L to R) V-Wing pilot, R2-D2 v.2, TI Interceptor pilot, R4 (I named it that), Sand Trooper, Gold Leader, R2-D2 v.1, Wedge Antilles, C-3P0, Obi-Wan "Ben" kenobi, Luke v.1 (Dubbed Con for no apparent reason), Luke Sywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbaca.  :)

Now that is my complete LEGO Star Wars minifig collection.  :)
And now for some pictures of my LEGO ABBA.  :)
LEGO ABBA!  :D  Those are very old and loose baseplates.  :(

The famous star guitar!

Mamma Mia, here I go again...

He doesn't sing, so why did I give him a microphone...?  :P

Without the stage.  Cute clothes, though I wish I could give them cat dresses. :(

Anni-Frid and Benny

Bjorn and Agnetha.

  I plan on making an animation with them sometime.  The question is, which song should it be, Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, or As Good As New?
Just for the fun of it, Take a Chance on Me.  :P


  1. In your second picture, "Luke v1" looks like he's staring at "Con" a little suspiciously. It's like he doesn't care to see his doppleganger..... Btw, wouldn't calling "Con" "Luuke" make a little more sense? ;)

    1. That's what I intended! :D Like in Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy (I think, I haven't read those in a while) where Luke got cloned through the DNA in his old hand? :P


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