Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Costumes

Somehow I'll be doing alright, if it wasn't for the nights!  :D  Remember when I said I was remaking my ABBA doll's gold outfits?  Well, I completed the short gold tops/suits/thingy that Agnetha and Frida wore.  (Well, obviously Agnetha and Frida wore them because why would Bjorn and Benny wear short gold tops/suits/things anyway?  :P )

Anyways, here are the pics.  :)

Agnetha and Frida.  Aren't they cuuuteeee???  :D 

Their boots.  :P

The back of Agnetha's costume.  :P

The front of Frida's.  :)

The back of Frida's.  :)
Whoops, I forgot to upload the pic of the front of Agnetha's costume to my computer from the camera. Oh well.  I'll get it sometime.  :P

Anyway, tell me what you think!  :D

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