Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gemini - Just Like That

  I remember coming across this video a while back...  I was very happy to see that ABBA had released "Just Like That" somehow.  They released it through the band Gemini, Karin and Anders Glenmark.  Since I had heard the snippet of "Just Like That" in ABBA Undeleted, I was so excited to hear the full thing...  until I found out that the song was different...  except for the chorus...

  Anyway, in this video, I was also happy to see Bjorn in there - wait a second!  They demoted Bjorn to backup vocalist!  >.<

  Well, here is the video that I wanted to share:

  No offense, but Karin Glenmark gave me nightmares last time I watched a video of Gemini...  :P

  Another comment I want to make is that I think Agnetha sounds better singing "Just Like That".