Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Did Bjorn Dye His Hair In 1977?

Bjorn's hair color is a light blond, almost like Agnetha's hair.
Bjorn's regular hair color.

  Did Bjorn dye his hair in 1977?  That is a question I want answered.  In 1977, Bjorn's hair color changes from dark blond to regular blond.  :-o  I'm guessing that it is because when they were in Australia, it was very sunny there and Bjorn's hair changes color in the light. 
Bjorn and Peter, two blond boys.

  If that theory is true, than why did Bjorn's hair color never change in 1974 or other years?  Well, I have seen a picture of Bjorn and Peter in 1982 playing guitar in a very sunny area.  Bjorn's hair is blond there, so...

  I also saw a picture of Bjorn from 2012, where is hair is also blond.  I don't think he dyes it, but it is strange.  

Agnetha's hair looks darker

Regular hair color

  I'm very confused about Agnetha's hair, too.  In 1982, Agnetha's hair seems to have turned into a darker blond color, sort of like Bjorn's regular hair color.  Whenever someone asks me about Agnetha's hair changes, I just answer, "It is probably because of the lighting of the picture." 

  Well anyway, I guess these are questions that will never be answered... unless I go to Sweden and ask the ABBA members personally, even though I would probably be kicked off Agnetha's property because I would be trespassing.  :(