Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Bjorn's Passport from 1972

  Mikory from Mikory's ABBA Blog just posted an image of Bjorn's passport from 1972 earlier today for his daily pictures.  (Wow, I only have weekly pictures.) 

  So, I decided to find out what Bjorn's hair color is.  When I was making my Bjorn doll (The doll's birthday will be coming up really soon, October 28th.  I've had him for that long...?) , a friend of mine told me to make his hair blond (I'm guessing because people like saying that Sweden is full of blonds...?)  I have another friend who says his hair is brown.  I've been making his hair a light brown in all of my pictures. 

  Anyway, I decided to translate what it said on the image.  Here are the things I've discovered:

1)  Bjorn spells his second name with a K.
2)  Bjorn's hair color is "Between Blond", "mellanblont" in Swedish.
3)  Bjorn's eyes are just plain blue, not grayish-blue or anything fancy.   (A friend of mine told me that Bjorn's eyes were brown and I ended up painting his eyes brown.  I had wanted to find a picture of the real Bjorn's eyes, but we had a very long power outage because we had an early snow.  I painted over his eyes with a grayish-blue color.)

  Pretty interesting...  At least now I know what his hair color is.  I have to tell that to all of my friends....