Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"S.O.S - Behind the Scenes"

Even though I haven't completed my S.O.S animation, I decided to post some pictures of what I have so far. :)  My animations are extremely hard to make.  What I do is I build models on Lego Digital Designer, import my ABBA mini-figures, change their outfits around so that they will look nice for the animation, import objects like pianos and guitars, and then I'm ready for animating.  I animate them by moving one limb a little bit, take a picture, move the limb a little bit more, take a picture, and so on.  It's very hard to do because sometimes the scene moves and I have to put it back in the right place.  When I finish S.O.S, you'll see what happens when the camera moves.  :P

Anyway, here are the pictures I took!  When I finish S.O.S, you'll see what parts of the animation these images are from.  :)