Monday, August 06, 2012

More Doll Cat Dress Pics

Before I show the ABBA doll pictures, here is a picture I took this morning of Lucille Doll (that's what I'm calling her) and two delicious muffins, the one with the pink and gray wrapper is blueberry and the one with the gray and blue wrapper is cranberry orange.  I made them and they really tasted good!  :)

Now for the cat dresses.  Do you notice anything different from when I first took pictures of the cat dresses?  Well, Bjorn's costume might be different, but that's not it.

There's nothing different here.

Here's what's different:  Their boots.  They're new, and they can be tied up like the real boots.

I did them with ribbon.

Here's a nice picture of Bjorn's new outfit.  :)  It's just his overalls with a jacket and a scarf over it.

A close-up

Bjorn's jacket.

Bjorn's other outfit.  The same overalls, though.

Another close-up.

Have you ever seen this doll before?

It's Stig Anderson!

The Ulvaeus' have something to show you.

This is just a close-up of the picture above.

Here's the surprise!  Linda and Peter have clothes just like their parents!

Another picture of the Ulvaeus Family.

Bjorn and Peter.

A close-up of the Ulvaeus boys in matching coats.  :)

Agnetha and Linda.

Agnetha and Linda again.
Linda looks so cute in her miniature cat dress.

The skirt extension can also come off!

The skirt at the front.

The skirt from the back.

Kissen the Cat

Linda's name at the back of her top.

The three girls in their cat dresses.  (I want to make Liselott soon and give her a matching one to Frida.)

All four ABBA members.

Agnetha and Bjorn with Stig.

Well, that's all I have so far.  The camera ran out of batteries, so I'll probably take more later.  :)