Wednesday, November 13, 2019


A lot of people nowadays are skilled with technique of photoshopping, whether they doing it in the actual Adobe Photoshop software or other software that does similar things, like GIMP.  Some people are really good at photo editing photos, it's hard to tell which is real and which is not.

Last night, I started working on a digital portrait of Agnetha for her birthday in April.  I like to draw new portraits each year for the ABBA members' birthdays and film speedpaints as well so I have something to share on my YouTube channel now that I don't do animations anymore.  There's this particular photo of Agnetha that I thought looked really pretty and wanted to draw it, however something about it seemed off, and I couldn't quite place it.
About an hour into my drawing, I shared the progress I was making with my dad, and he also noticed something off with the picture.  Agnetha is 31 in this photo, and my dad noticed that she looked a little young.  We ended up comparing this photo with other pictures from this photosession at, and found a picture that looked just like the one I was in the middle of drawing, but it was different.  The notable differences are her bangs, her right eye, her eyebrows, her lips, and also the lines on her face. 
From the look of it, someone edited the first photo of Agnetha, either with a de-aging App of some kind, or by photoshopping it.  What confuses me is, why would anyone do this?  What's the point of editing her face to try and make her look "more pretty"?   Why did they make her lips and eyebrows more full, change the shape of her eye, shrink her hair, remove her adorable fringe, as well as erase the lines that someone has on their face from the natural aging process?  Why?
Anyways, I'm just kinda upset about this and thought I'd share my thoughts.  Even though I was already an hour into my drawing, I don't want to be drawing a fake photo of Agnetha, so I guess it's time to redraw the whole thing.  But that's alright because I can redraw ABBA pictures over and over again and never get tired of it because let's face it, I'm a bit obsessed. xD

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