Friday, June 29, 2018

ABBA wearing the same clothes years later

Weird title but I've had this idea for a blog post for a while now only I never got around to actually working on it. xD  One thing that I've noticed about ABBA is that they ted to wear a lot of their clothes more than once.  I mean, everyone does, right?  But I think a lot of celebrities tend to not re-wear the same clothes, especially clothes that they got years before, and so this kinda shows how normal and down the earth ABBA are. :)

ABBA in 1974, shortly after winning the Eurovision Song Contest.  Note Agnetha's dress.

A still from the Money, Money, Money music video from 1976.  Agnetha's wearing the same dress 2 years later.
A promotion picture from 1974. 

Frida wears the same shirt in 1975.
Agnetha also tends to wear that same vest and shirt several times throughout 1974 and 75.  Sometimes even paired with the same flowered jeans. :)
Agnetha's wearing this jumpsuit in 1976 during the advertisements for National.

Agnetha's wearing the same jumpsuit a year later while pregnant from Peter in 1977.

Another picture from 1977 in color.
Agnetha and Frida wearing Melbourne football club shirts in 1977.

Agnetha wears the same top during a performance of Chiquitita in 1979, 2 years later.
Agnetha and Frida both had matching dresses in 1976, but Agnetha seemed to wear hers a lot throughout 1976.

But the dress makes an appearance again in 1977.  Also notice Frida's dress.
It's the same dress from this photoshoot later that year.
Agnetha wears these very pretty boots with her Arrival flightsuit in 1976.

She wears the same boots at a photoshoot at Drottningholm Castle in 1977.

She also wears the same shirt in 1978.

Agnetha wears the pretty striped dress during a photoshoot in 1977.

Agnetha wears the same dress at the premiere of  ABBA the Movie in late 1977.

Frida wears the same outfit from the premiere in the Take a Chance on Me music video in 1978.
She even reuses the same boots while on tour in Japan, 1980.
Agnetha also has a matching shirt to Frida's in red which she is seen wearing in Japan in 1978.

She also wears the shirt while on tour in 1979.
ABBA in 1976.  Note Bjorn's simple, striped shirt.
Bjorn wears the same shirt while filming additional scenes for ABBA the Movie a year later.

He wears the same shirt again here in early 1978.

And here while in the US, same year.  I should also mention that he wears this shirt a lot throughout the year, even on the cover of the Summer Night City single.
Agnetha wears this very large silver top during a photoshoot in 1977.

Here she's wearing the same top as a dress at an event in 1978.
ABBA in 1978.  Agnetha's wearing this really pretty white jumpsuit.

She wears the same jumpsuit again 3 years later for a photoshoot in 1981.
I have more pictures which I can include but I think this post is getting to be a bit long so I'll end it here.  I hope you enjoyed this rather random post and please et me know if you want me to do a part two at some point. :)

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