Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tribute band review: ABBALIVE

I remember many years ago when i would watch ABBA videos on YouTube every day 24/7 (I've probably seen every single ABBA performance there is on YouTube, from HQ videos to bad quality, bootleg recordings, you'd be surprised), I had found some videos of an Australian tribute band, Australia's most authentic tribute show, they say: ABBALIVE.  Now usually I can't stand tribute bands, and you guys probably know that already, but this one's actually pretty good.  That's pretty high praise coming from me, btw.  They've got the sound right, the voices are pretty good, as in they aren't perfect since nobody can sound just as unique as Agnetha and Frida, but they're good.  Appearance has always been a big deal for me when viewing tribute bands, but for these guys, it doesn't really matter since the sound is there and it's good!  Also I like how they're wearing costumes that tribute bands, or at least the ones I've seen online, don't seem to wear all that often.  Even better, these guys have them pretty authentic.  As a perfectionist I have to note that they didn't include the fluffy stuff on Frida's cape, but that's just me being nit picky. ;)

One thing I don't like is that they have a lot of synchronized dancing which ABBA didn't do when performing live (I'm talking about live concerts like during their 77 and 79 tours, not TV performances), like comparing ABBALIVE's "S.O.S" to ABBA's from the Movie,

but I can see how it is good to have some interaction with the audience. But as an upside, a lot of the synchronized dances are based off ones that ABBA did on TV performances and music videos.

Now if I ever got my way and made my tribute band that would totally work out, I would ditch the synchronized dances and try to make them act more like ABBA during their live concerts where there are like no synchronized dances besides the So long dance routine which is a must, but for this tribute band, I think they did it well.

What I don't like though is that they have those super weird fake stereotypical Swedish accents that don't sound like ABBA at all that most tribute bands do, and that's always a downer for me, but I'll ignore that for now because I really like that they didn't do the "Swedish Finger Pointing Dance" which isn't a thing either, so thumbs up here!

So I think I'm going to have to agree that ABBALIVE is Australia's most authentic tribute show, and I'd give them an 8/10. :D  I hope you've enjoyed this tribute band as much as I have and that you enjoyed reading my review!  :)

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