Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Benny's Piano Album Review

On the September 29th, Benny released an amazing album featuring piano covers of many songs throughout his career as a musician.  I hadn't had a chance to listen to it after it's release, but yesterday I finally sat down and listened to the entire album, and can I just say that I love it so much?   All the tracks have such an amazing sound; even without the vocals from Agnetha and Frida, the ABBA songs that are on this album have that same magical sound, which shows that the ABBA sound isn't only in the lyrics or voices, but in the melodies as well. 

I will admit, a lot of the songs that Benny recorded for the album I have never heard before.  Like, I never cared to listen to the original tracks from Kristina or Benny's other projects, but after listening to this album I'm very inspired to listen to them! 

I especially love the covers that Benny did of ABBA's songs, because the songs he picked aren't all that well known and I much prefer a lot of the not well known songs over the well known ones from ABBA Gold, and also it adds so much more to the tracks.  Of course I love the original versions of I Let The Music Speak, Thank You For The Music, The Day Before You Came, I wonder, My Love, My Life, and Happy New Year, but Benny adds this completely different sound to it that you wouldn't expect.  I feel like he made I Let The Music Speak seem a little less haunting (or at least that's how the original sounds to me, lol) and more upbeat, and a more haunting yet beautiful sound to The Day Before You Came.  My Love, My Love has a more sad sound to it as well, which is there in the original, but this version is even more so.  I absolutely love it!  My favorite among the ABBA covers though would have to be Happy New Year.  There's something about that track in particular that's just so perfect to me! 

Before listening to this album, I never seemed to like the song Chess all that much.  But this album makes it sound so much more beautiful and soft and dreamy even.  Same with Anthem and Mountain Duet.  I liked the original ones, but these version make it even better!

If I had to choose, my favorite tracks on the album would have to be Happy New Year, Mountain Duet, Stockholm By Night, and Flickornas Rum.  But I really love all the tracks on the album and if Benny decides to make a second Piano album, I'd be down for that! :D

I've heard that Benny recorded a piano version of Sunny Girl but it didn't make it on the album...  I would absolutely love to hear that some day! :D

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