Thursday, December 15, 2016

Peter Loner's Incredible ABBA Mixes

I've been wanting to post about this amazing YouTuber for quite some time now but never did find the time to do a good post on it!  My bad. :)

Peter Loner is an absolutely amazing person!  He does some really amazing mixes of ABBA's songs, filtering out the main vocals and revealing some pretty amazing backup vocals/instruments in the tracks!  He does more than just ABBA - Karen Carpenter, Ted Gardestad, you name it!  You can check out his YouTube channel here or check out this thread on the ABBAChat forum where a member has gathered a lot of his mixes!  :D


  1. Update us if his creations find a new home...sadly i've discovered his wonderful channel recently down. He hadn't posted anything new for 2 months or more then suddenly 3 new ones had been added and now no account...boooo
    Hoping to see more...he's the stuff! We need to hear real music...

    1. That's a shame. I hope he'll find a way to return to YouTube again!


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