Monday, October 10, 2016

Thank You - A Tribute to ABBA

I was listening to the song "Thank you" by Alcazar and was inspired to make this video. :)  I personally believe that Alcazar themselves wrote this song as a tribute to ABBA as I shall soon explain after the video:

In the song, Alcazar say:
"I'm paying my tribute for loving like I do
'cause knowing you was knowing me."

 "Knowing Me, Knowing You"...

Then there's the line
"Since I remember was always a happy new year
No one had ever been singing the music so bright and clear"

ABBA have the song "Happy New Year."  I know it's just a phrase that doesn't necessarily refer to ABBA's song, but I'm using it to support my reasoning. :)

"When dealing was done over doubts
They were gone and the winner waves so long"

Sounds very much like "The Winner Takes It All."

Even if I'm wrong about this song actually being a tribute to ABBA, it still makes a good song for a tribute video.  I hope you enjoy the video I made! :D

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