Friday, May 13, 2016

How my drawing skills improved

When I first started my blog, I was convinced that my drawings were the best and that they looked wonderful and awesome, but in reality, they were awful.  See what I mean?
Agnetha looks pretty okay, but overall this drawing is just so disgusting.
It took me a while before I realized how yucky my drawings were, but by the time I realized how yucky they were, thankfully I had already improved quite a bit!  And I thought I had achieved ultimate perfection in my drawings.
Only, I didn't realize that there is actually a strategy on how to use color pencils.  Drawing straight lines isn't how you do it.  I kind of picked up on this with a few of my later drawings, but still, it wasn't perfect.
It was only when I started taking an art course from The Virtual Instructor that my drawings really kicked off.  I was already pretty good at cartoon drawings, but my realistic drawings needed a lot of improving.  So after one year of learning new techniques and getting new art supplies, I was finally on my way to perfection!
And now, thanks to Matt and his wonderful art tutorials, my drawings have almost reached perfection!

The one on the left is a more recent drawing and the one on the right is a very early drawing.  Yeah, my scanner kinda ruined the colors on the left drawing, but it looks a lot better in real life!

So, if you're ever not satisfied with the way your drawings look and you want to get better, try out the Virtual Instructor!  It really works!! :D


  1. you should start this on your blog where you post about your old drawings that you say are yucky which I say are cool

  2. Wow, your artwork - past and present - is amazing! I think I'll sign up for a few of these Virtual Instructor courses when I have time. :) Keep up the great work!


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