Monday, July 07, 2014

"ABBA & Me" - Drawing in Progress

  Dream world, you've been living in a dream world...  If only this was true, but unfortunately, it's the impossible.  :(  Anyway, it is of me and ABBA and my ABBA dolls.  ;)
  ABBA, if you are viewing my blog (which you probably aren't), here is my letter to you:

  Dear ABBA,
  I was born way after you split up and I only became a fan in 2010.  I never got the chance to see you perform live and all I have are documentaries and performances.  It would be my dream if you reunite someday.  When I say reunite, I don't mean get up on stage and sing again.  What I want is for you to be together, all four of you, next to each other at a public event.  At the Mamma Mia premier in 2008, you stood so far away from each other.

  The 40th Anniversary of Waterloo would have been a great time to do it, but you didn't.  So please know that it would be an amazing experience for every ABBA fan in the entire world, even for those who aren't there and can only watch from their TV screens (like me), if you would get together.

  Thank you!!


  1. Aww, that is so beautiful! ABBA is a big part of my life and I will always be happy for being a fan. They're truly amazing and so you are, Becky!

    Beautiful drawing! Haha. I love it! You'll have the chance to meet them, I'm sure about it. :)

    1. Aww thanks! :) I'm sure I'll be able to meet them some day in the future. :P


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