Monday, January 27, 2014

Ice Fluffy!

  Besides blogging and being an ABBA maniac, I spend a lot of my time playing Webkinz.  I have four wenkinz pets currently, one of them is a virtual pet.

These are my pets:  Fluffy Bjorny (Guess who he's named after...  :P ) is my pet duck.  I'm obsessed with the webkinz ducks because they are so cute!  And I was so happy when I found that there are other ducks like him:  A green duckling, a yellow duckling, and a purple duckling, but they are only virtual pets and you need to have E Store points to get them, so we'll see if I can get them. 

  Next up is Brownie, my newest pet of them all. She's a pinto and is very, very cute.  My plush has a tiny defect near her eye, but I love her just the same!  <3

  Then there's Borshky.  He was the whole reason why I created my account.  It took a while to persuade everyone to let me use his code, but I got him after my free account reached its limit of how many items I could have in my dock.

  Stewped is my first pet ever.  She's the virtual domestic cat that you can get when you first create an account. I named her Stewped because I didn't really want her, but now I do.  :)

  Anyway, this post is supposed to be about Ice Fluffy, not my pets.  :P  So earlier today, I was playing outside in the snow and decided to have some fun and make a snow version of my duck plush.  Here are some pictures:
Fluffy and Ice Fluffy!  (Thanks Google + for auto-awsomness-ing my picture.   :P )

A slightly better picture...  :P

Another slightly better picture.  :P

I love the beaks!  :D

The feet as well...

Aren't they cute?
  Si that's all I have.  I have a feeling that Ice Fluffy will melt in a few days or so (which'll make me very heartbroken), but at least I'll still have the plush. 

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