Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Story of ABBA Blog Tour: Day 1

Today kicks off The Story of ABBA Re-Release Blog Tour!  From the 11th to the 16th, we will be sharing posts until the book release!

Taking part in the blog tour are Roxanne Dickson (December 12th), Rachael Ritchey (December 13th), and Allison Rose (December 14th & 15th).  Be sure to check out their blogs over the next couple of days to follow the rest of the tour, then return here on the 16th for the release!

For my part of the blog tour, I would like to show the two cover variants for my book.  When coming up with the cover design, we couldn't decide whether to pick one that's similar to the cover of the first edition or one that's completely new!  In the end, we decided to go with two!

The first one is the one that you've all seen on previous posts:
and here is the second one:
I've drawn this picture of the cat dresses numerous times over the past 4 years and was a little disappointed when we couldn't fit it into the final book.  So we placed it on the second cover!

Which cover do you like better?  Let me know in the comments!

We're also running a giveaway for a chance to win coupons to purchase The Story of ABBA for Young Readers at a reduced price!


  1. I can't chose one you are at your best on both covers how did you design them.

  2. Hey,
    Love your both productions!
    But here's what I think objectively:
    the first reminds your first version and I guess it's a good thing, it shows how your skills evoluted. Also, ABBA is in a kind of glory and success, it gives a triumphant image of the group.
    The second one reminds Sweden, and that ABBA picis an universal oneand consequently represents the group. Here that was objective.
    However, I've a bit of preference for the first one... The second is a bit to light, too white in my opinion.
    Do what you want with my speech.

    1. Thanks! :D I really appreciate your input! Yeah, I prefer the first one as well because it parodies the original cover and shows how much I've improved, but the second one also gives off a new vibe where it's completely new! :D

  3. I am excited that your book will be released in 2 days I will so ask Santa 🎅 for the book and also I have a question: Even though there are two covers to choose from do both books have the same content

    1. That is correct, both books have the same content. :)


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