Sunday, June 10, 2012

"The Impersonators Vs. ABBA" Cover

Hello everyone!

I know I said that I wouldn't be doing anymore comics because of what happened to Bitstrips, but I decided to try and fix my characters.

I removed the eyeshadow and eyelashes from Agnetha and Frida, and now they look a lot better, even though I wish they still had eyeshadow and eyelashes.  :(

Anyway, I decided to see what the ABBA Members would look like in the "new style".  I made four ugly new "impersonators".  

After I made them, I wanted to make a picture of "The Impersonators" and the real ABBA members.  So, I made this cover for this new comic series I'm going to make called:

"The Impersonators VS. ABBA".  

Here's the cover:
Just looking at how sad the real ABBA members look is making me feel sad.
 I'm going to start working on the comic now, so stay tuned for the first part of "The Impersonators VS. ABBA"!